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Written by Denise Reier
Thursday, 18 August 2011 11:23

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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th – Band Night & Football Game vs Lakota East

Please wear show shirt, section shirt, or other Fairfield shirt under your uniform!

5:00 pm Load instrument at high school if necessary
6:00 pm Meet in bus compound dressed and ready to play!
6:25 pm March to stadium rehearse band night music with 8th graders. Please remember to bring music.
7:13 pm Pre-Game
7:30 pm Game begins! Remember, third quarter is free; however, if one person is late returning for fourth quarter we will ALL sit next game. **Please make sure you have ALL stand tunes with you!! Please be aware that 2nd quarter we will be lining up with the 8th graders for half time. It is very important that you are kind to the 8thgraders, talk to them and encourage them to stay in the band program!
8:45 pm Half time –– Performance with 8th Grade Band!
10:00 pm End of game. March and play entire show for post game.
10:30 pm Load equipment
11:00 pm Unload at FHS

Saturday, September 27, 2014 - Hamilton "Band O Rama"

***You MUST wear your red t-shirt under your uniform. Make sure you are not wearing visible jewelry, that you have LONG black socks and gloves without ANY holes!!! Bring $3 if you need new ones.

Here is the schedule for the event:

2:45 pm - Call Time (EAT LUNCH BEFORE YOU LEAVE!)
3:00 pm - Rehearsal on practice field at FHS
4:00 pm - Load equipment
4:30 pm - Busses leave
5:00 pm - Arrive at Hamilton High School; Quick restroom break, eat dinner (Please remember to bring $$)
6:15 pm - Visual warm-up: stretch, horn flashes, fundamentals, etc. DO NOT PLAY!!!!
6:45 pm - Musical Warm - up
8:30 pm - Awards; leave immediately afterwards.
9:00 pm - Depart for Fairfield
9:30 pm - Arrive at Fairfield

REMEMBER: We wear our Thursday uniform of white shirt and marching shoes EVERY week. Weeks of a competition we also wear our shako! Thanks.

Other note: FHS students we will be marching through the hallways Friday. Please be prepared!

"Bandcake" Breakfast Information:
Who wants pancakes?
It's time once again for the annual FHS Marching Band "Bandcake Breakfast!"~ This year's feast of pancakes, sausage, coffee or milk is Saturday, October 4 from 8:00-11:30 a.m.~in the FHS cafeteria.~ Tickets are $5 each if purchased presale or $6 at the door.~ Breakfast includes three bandcakes, two sausage links, and choice of milk or coffee.~
Tickets are available from Marching Band members or by calling the Bandcake Breakfast Hotline: (513) 868-1751.~ All proceeds will benefit the New Instrument Fund.

We need your help! Please see Mrs. Goodman after practice today (Wednesday) to get tickets. If everyone sells five tickets we will have a great turnout and be able to purchase some new instruments for our program!

Please use the link below to view the online sign up to volunteer. When prompted, enter the code "Bandcake" for access.

To sign up, go to:

ALL MARCHING BAND FEES ARE NOW PAST DUE, Please stay current on payment plans and remember $75 Pay to Participate fee must be to the book keeper by the end of October.

Important information from the School District:
The high school bookkeeper is going to begin sending letters home in the mail to students who have outstanding school fees. The information included is listed below. The fees include school class fees for all content areas as well as pay to participate fees. Please contact Terri Baker at extension 110 if you have questions on your balance.

Per Fairfield City Schools Policy JN-R, Student Fees, Fines and Charges:

"Any student who owes delinquent fees, fines and charges may be subject to the following restrictions:
Transcripts, school credits and diplomas may be withheld until fees are paid in full.
Participation in non-curricular field trips may be prohibited until fees are paid in full or a payment plan is established.
Students may not be allowed to participate in any extracurricular activity until all fees, past and present, are paid or a payment plan is established."
Parents receiving these letters will also be asked to complete a payment plan form to be returned to school. Payments can be made at the high school or using the SPS EZPay option on the district website.


THURSDAY students should wear "Thursday uniform" to practice - white shirt, MTXs. The week of a competition, Thursday uniform also includes a shako.



Fairfield football games are some of the best times you will have as a member of the marching band. In order to ensure that everyone enjoys him/herself, and that we represent our school and organization the best we can, it is important that we all follow a few guidelines.

  • Sit with your section in the stands designated for our group.
  • Be prepared to play at all times. (This means that you have music in a flip folder, and are listening for instructions.)
  • Play only YOUR instrument. Remember, the majority of people that hear us perform, will hear us at a football game!
  • ONLY play when the entire group is playing.
  • Remain in full uniform unless given permission to do otherwise. Jackets of uniforms may only be removed if the designated marching band shirt is on underneath the uniform.
  • Third quarter is yours to have fun, and enjoy your friends. EVERYONE must be back in the stands with instrument ready to play at the end of the third quarter. If one person is late the entire band will sit in the stands during third quarter the following game.
  • We will supply water for you. Concessions may only be eaten third quarter and mustnot be brought back into the stands.

Please note:

If a student is not going to be riding the bus home from an event; a signed note from the parent must be shown to and signed by a director.  The note must then be giving to the student’s chaperone and the chaperone must see parent and student together before they leave.  This is our way of ensuring the safety of our students. J  Thanks for your cooperation.  


Now available, you can pay Marching Band fees with PayPal on the Tempo Club website.  Just go to the Band page and scroll down to the bottom of the page.  Fill out the form on the page and submit.  You'll then be taken to the PayPal site, where you'll need to complete the order (the form on our site provides the information we need to credit your payment correctly; the PayPal site is where the actual money transaction takes place).  Your payment isn't complete until you do both parts of the process.  If you have any issues, you can email Amanda Schuster ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and we'll get your information to the right place to get your questions answered.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION EXEMPTION FOR MARCHING BAND Students who successfully complete two seasons of Marching Band (or one season of Marching Band and one season of another approved interscholastic sport) may choose to receive an exemption from their physical education requirement for graduation.  Read this article for full details and to print out the required waiver form.

Uniform Cleaning

Periodically over the season, uniforms will be collected for cleaning and inventory purposes.  If you feel you need to wash the uniform in between these collections, please follow these instructions:

  • Please make sure to remove mirrors and senior pins before washing.
  • Machine wash on gentle cycle with cold water only! Please use a mild laundry detergent such as Woolite.
  • Detergent CANNOT have a bleach alternative or colors will run.
  • Remove the uniform immediately from the washer and hang to dry.
  • Please hang pants carefully by the crease to maintain quality.










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