Executive Board

Tempo Club Executive Board 2019-2020
Left to right: Ways and Means: Rebecca Webb and Kathy Moore; Secretary: Kelley Campbell; President: Sharon Custer; VP of Choir: Shawna Hayes; VP of Orchestra: Katrina Key Baker; Treasurer: Regina Schroer; Publicity: Christi Singleton and Valerie Miller. 
Not pictured: VP of Band: Angela Lambert.

Sharon Custer – fairfieldohtempoclub@gmail.com

Vice President – Band:
Angela Lambert – fftempoclub.band@gmail.com
Vice President – Chorus:
Shawna Hayes – FFTempoClub.ChoirVP@gmail.com
Vice President – Orchestra:
Katrina Key Baker – khkey7@yahoo.com

Regina Schroer – fftempoclub.treasurer@gmail.com

Marching Band – Kellie Peterson – fhsmb.subtreasurer@gmail.com
Show Choir (CH/FB/HB/NB) – Kari Robinson htwhls7373@gmail.com
Show Choir (RE/LE) – Angela Strack angelanstrack@gmail.com
DCI – Sara Brown – drum881@aol.com

Kelley Campbell – fftempo.secretary@gmail.com

Ways and Means:
Kathy Moore – fftempoclub.waysandmeans@gmail.com
Rebecca Webb – fftempoclub.waysandmeans@gmail.com

Valerie Miller – fftempo.publicity@gmail.com
Christi Singleton – fftempo.publicity@gmail.com 

Calendar Day:

Chair Reps. For DCI:
Bruce & Sara Brown – Bruce.Brown@ae.ge.com

Music Department Head:
Jill Wilhelm – Wilhelm_j@fairfieldcityschools.com