Authorization for Pay / Transfer
Written by Denise Reier
Saturday, 17 September 2011 15:24

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The money in your student's individual account can be used for most music related expenses, including fees, lessons, instrument purchase, rental or repair and school related music trips. For complete details on how these accounts can be used see the Guidelines for Student Accounts.

To access the funds in your student account, please do the following:

• Print the Authorization for Pay/Transfer form 

• Fill out the form as completely as possible, and attach any appropriate receipts

• Have your student give the form to their director for a signature (for Color Guard members, please give to one of the Marching Band directors)

• The director will give this to the Treasurer and the transfer will be made

A few helpful hints for AFPT forms:

• If you would like to use the money to pay an instructor for lessons, or for another vendor of some sort, please make sure that you include the complete address information for that person or vendor

• Payments can only be made to parents, not to students, so please make sure that the parent name and address are on the form

• If you have questions about how much money is in your student's account, please contact the sub-treasurer for your group 

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