Guidelines for Student Accounts
Written by Denise Reier
Saturday, 17 September 2011 15:28

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The Fairfield High School, Freshmen School and Middle School Music Department Directors and Tempo Club Executive Committee have adopted the following statement of policy regarding funds earned for Individual Student Accounts A900 or other, in accordance with the Ohio revised code 501-C, tax exempted organizations.

  A.)  Money in the individual student account can be used for the following:
  1. * Purchase of an instrument of musical equipment
  2. * Music/voice lessons
  3. * Repair of school or personal instrument
  4. Uniform/outfit fees/other music department related clothing items (i.e., t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc)
  5. Camp fees
  6. Designated trips (In addition to the cost of the trip, a per-diem amount will be established by the trip director based on the length of the trip and expenses included in the trip cost.  This per-diem will be the additional amount the student will be allowed to use from their account for spending money on the trip).
  7. Any other music related expenses, which better the music program, including pay to participate fees (PACE)
  • · Checks for music/voice lessons or for the purchase or repair of an instrument or musical equipment will be issued to the person or business that provides the service.  Must be school related and have the approval of the director.

B) Money in the individual student account can be transferred within the Music Department/Tempo Club activities.  Ie; marching band member joins Choralier Combo band, money will transfer from A900 to A509.,
C) What is done with funds remaining in the individual account of a graduating senior or non-participant status?
  1. The remaining funds can be designated by the senior to go to a sibling.  In the case of join sibling accounts, the funds will remain in the joint account for the remaining sibling automatically.
  2. The remaining funds can be designated by the senior to go to an underclass member who will be or who is already participating in the Music Department activities.
  3. The remaining funds can be designated by the senior to go to the Tempo Club General Fund for the Music Department use, or New Instrument Account.
  4. The remaining funds or a non-participant of more than one year will be the same as a senior, unless arrangements have been made with the individual in charge of his/her student account.

NOTE: a graduating senior must notify the individual in charge of his/her student account regarding what is to be done with any remaining funds, prior to graduation.  Any funds remaining in an account of a graduated senior will be transferred to the directors’ account associated with that individual account; ie, marching band member will go to A300, Choralier will go to A509.  Tempo Club General Fund A102 will get any undecided funds remaining.

All expenses incurred by an individual student, while participating in Music Department activities, should be paid in full by the designated date.  If a situation exists which makes this impossible, the appropriate Music Department Director should be contacted so that agreeable date or payment schedule can be established.  In keeping with Fairfield High School policy, any student having unpaid expenses at the time of graduation will not receive his/her diploma until payment is made in full for the outstanding expenses.  This policy will be enforced.

Signed on September 13, 2004 by:

Jill Wilhelm, Music Department Representative
Rick Neeley, Tempo Club Co-President
Mark Rhodus, Tempo Club Co-President
Signed copy available This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .