Invest in October; win in November!

Want to win $100? How about $500? The Fairfield Tempo Club is having its Calendar Raffle fundraiser with payouts every day in November. Complete the raffle form + $20 by Oct. 31, and give it to a Fairfield music student or mail it in for your chance at the drawing every day. Even if you win – you can win with each drawing. All profits benefit the Fairfield Tempo Club which supports Fairfield music programs for students in grades 6-12.

Calendar Raffle Form

Mail to:
Fairfield Tempo Club
8800 Holden Avenue
Fairfield, Ohio 45014


Welcome to the Fairfield Tempo Club

The Fairfield Tempo Club is a booster organization supporting one of the top music programs in the state of Ohio, specifically serving grades 6 through 12 in the Fairfield City School District.  Together, the parents, students and teachers of Fairfield work together on all aspects of the music programs in Fairfield. Fundraising is a crucial part of this support, but also includes chaperoning, equipment moving, building, sewing, photography, chaperoning, and anything else needed to aid the students.