We collected nearly $12,000+!

Musicians from Fairfield’s band, choir and orchestra delivered calendars door to door on Sept. 7 to invite the communities of Fairfield and Fairfield Township to attend their concerts during the school year. It also serves as one of Fairfield Tempo Club’s largest fundraisers to support Fairfield’s music programs.

In turn, neighbors gave generously. We collected more than $11,000! Thanks to Daylight Donuts for the discounted pricing on 67 dozen donuts to feed our students and volunteers. If we missed your house, please let us know. We still have calendars we can deliver. Many thanks to all the students and parents who participated. 

Welcome to the Fairfield Tempo Club

The Fairfield Tempo Club is a booster organization supporting one of the top music programs in the state of Ohio, specifically serving grades 6 through 12 in the Fairfield City School District.  Together, the parents, students and teachers of Fairfield work together on all aspects of the music programs in Fairfield. Fundraising is a crucial part of this support, but also includes chaperoning, equipment moving, building, sewing, photography, chaperoning, and anything else needed to aid the students.