The Fairfield Tempo Club generally derives a majority of the annual budget from the following fundraisers:

  • Football Concessions. The Tempo Club concession stand is open at each home football game. It is staffed by volunteers. Generally, each music group is assigned a certain week to work. Watch for a Sign Up Genius when it is your group’s turn to help out.
  • Calendar Day. All of the students in our music programs (grades 9-12) walk the streets in our community to distribute printed calendars which highlight all of the year’s events & performances. Community members generally make a donation for the calendar. Middle school students participate by helping with set up the evening before.
  • Dine to Donate. Have dinner out and help our club earn money. If you can’t participate all of the time, that’s okay, but be sure to share the information on social media so family members, friends, and other people in our community know they can help, too.
  • Calendar Raffle. Not to be confused with Calendar Day, this fundraiser requires each music student to sell 5 raffle chances during the month of October. Participants can win $100 / day during the month of November and $500 on select days.

Each individual program may also conduct fundraisers as well.